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ENGINEERING PROGRAM: Fostering Designers and Shapers of the Future

The central challenges and opportunities that the next generation of Friends graduates will face require nimble and creative problem solving, persistence, teamwork, and the deft integration of math, science, computer programming, and design. Through a forward-looking lens, Friends views engineering as an iterative design process that teaches students to identify problems, brainstorm possibilities, develop multiple prototypes, and test and refine the best solutions. By engaging in open-ended problem solving, students at all grade levels can learn the value of failure and iteration in order to build the confidence to become positive shapers of the future. To encourage students to work to their full potential as engineers, designers, mathematicians, and scientists, Friends will develop an Engineering Curriculum that is supported by the creation of a Makerspace.

Engineering Curriculum

A K-12, integrated, problem-based curriculum that will complement and expand upon existing academic programs in the arts, sciences and technology, while fostering engineering habits of mind that encourage student collaboration, creativity and discovery.


A makerspace that will provide creative space and tools for students to tinker, explore, fail and retry, and, ultimately, innovate. Interaction among students in the makerspace will foster a highly collaborative learning dynamic. In addition, a makerspace utilized by faculty, students, and staff from a cross-section of content areas will enhance multidisciplinary thinking and learning.